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In October of 2007, Little Wolf Press will release the long-awaited book of photography and ethnographic stories, Karamoja: Uganda's Land of Warrior Nomads. Nearly 10 years in the making, the book offers a journey into the culture, history and everyday life of the Karimojong through evocative images by National Geographic photographer, David Pluth, and dramatic stories inspired the real events in Karamoja, as written by a Karimojong journalist, Sylvester Onyang, and an American writer, Jeremy O'Kasick. (You can reserve your copy today at our online bookstore.)

Besides ushering in a new progressive style of Africa photography and culture books, Karamoja: Uganda's Land of Warrior Nomads has led to the creation of Karamoja! (www.karamoja.com). Here you will receive updates on readings and events surrounding the release of the book as well as updates on upcoming books, films and projects concerning Karamoja and Uganda. Perhaps most importantly, we welcome you to take part in an ongoing forum about issues facing the people of Karamoja.

Refer to Karamoja! to learn more about the region and its people as well as the critical issues facing Karmoja and its indigenous cultures. Other features include news links, Karamoja! exclusives, and online forums with the stakeholders invested in Karamoja's future. The dialogues that will help determine Karamoja's tomorrow go beyond Uganda's National Assembly and NGO and academic seminars in Kampala. Today they range from traditional gatherings of elders in Uganda to internet forums among the Diaspora. Welcome to Karamoja!

At Karamoja! you will....

Experience the culture of the Karimojong, Uganda's little-known semi-nomadic herders, through images, stories and interaction.

Explore the history, livelihoods, religion, traditional medicine, familial bonds, migrations, ceremonies and conflicts of a proud indigenous group long misunderstood.

Engage in discussion about current issues and the future of Karamoja, which has long been the most underdeveloped and marginalised region in Uganda. From professionals and stakeholders in Karamoja's development to outsiders just interested in Karimojong culture, all are invited to participate in the ongoing forum, which is always critical given the enormous challenges Karamoja now faces.


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